Driving time from DC area is approximately two hours.      Return to Contents Page
Interstate route takes about 1 1/2 hours, via I-270 to I-70 west; beyond Hagerstown, exit to I-81 south; then exit to WV 901, follow signs (ca. 5 miles)  to Hedgesville.  Turn right onto Route 9.  Leaving Virginia, one can take Route 7 going beyond Leesburg and turning onto Route 9.  Continue all the way and follow directions below.  There are others options, too.  Check a map.  



Berkeley Country, West Virginia

Hedgesville District

14228 Back Creek Valley Road  (State Route 7)

Dick Dodge and Dan Goggin

Telephone:  (304) 754-7002

Email:  dan@dangog.com

Location of property and house:

INTRODUCTION:  There are many routes from the DC area to the Boggs Farm.   However, almost all of the routes will eventually take you to Hedgesville, WV, a very small town about three (3) miles from the Boggs Farm.  The directions below begin at Hedgesville.

Directions from Hedgesville, WV (nearest incorporated town):

1.  There is a traffic light in the center of Hedgesville.  This is for the crossroads of State Route 9 (main east/west road) and State Route 901 (which runs in a northerly direction to/from Interstate 81).

2.  Beginning in Hedgesville, go west on Route 9 (in the direction of Berkeley Springs).

3.  Route 9 is a twisty road once leaving Hedgesville.  Less than two miles one crosses Back Creek.  Shortly after this on the left is a modern looking church (brick with wooden steeple).  The church, "Hedgesville Assembly of God," is at the corner of Route 9 and Back Creek Valley Road (State Route 7).

4.  Turn left onto Back Creek Valley Road.  The Back Creek Valley Road sign is not easy to see, however, on the right side of Route 9 there is a sign to Sleepy Creek directing one to turn left onto Back Creek Valley Road.  (Note:  Back Creek Valley Road is only to the left – it does not cross Route 9.)       

5.  The driveway to our house is 9/10ths of a mile after turning off Route 9.  Look for a small white sign on the left side with the following:  a big red star, the name Boggs, and the address number: 14228.   (The sign-on the left side of the road is similar in size to a "for sale" sign.)

6.  Turn left onto the gravel driveway immediately in front of the sign.  This is our private road leading to the Boggs Farm.   (Note:  There is a house on each side of this road facing Back Creek Valley Road.  Drive "between" the houses.)

7.  Shortly after starting down the gravel road there are two fence posts.  The one on the left has the address (14228) of the Boggs Farm.  Drive between the posts and continue down the road to the house.  This is the only house on the road once past the fence posts.

8.  If you miss the turn, about one mile beyond it is a grocery store in Tomahawk.  Use the telephone there to call us.  We will come get you.