Unedited photographs taken at the Celebration of Life of James R. Klonoski, February 6, 2009, at the John G. Shedd institute for the Arts, Eugene, Oregon. Included are a few photogrpahs taken the following days while touring the art museum at the University of Oregon.

imgp8070_small.jpg imgp8071_small.jpg imgp8072_small.jpg imgp8073_small.jpg imgp8074_small.jpg
imgp8075_small.jpg imgp8076_small.jpg imgp8077_small.jpg imgp8078_small.jpg imgp8079_small.jpg
imgp8080_small.jpg imgp8081_small.jpg imgp8082_small.jpg imgp8083_small.jpg imgp8084_small.jpg
imgp8085_small.jpg imgp8086_small.jpg imgp8087_small.jpg imgp8088_small.jpg imgp8089_small.jpg
imgp8090_small.jpg imgp8091_small.jpg imgp8092_small.jpg imgp8093_small.jpg imgp8094_small.jpg
imgp8095_small.jpg imgp8096_small.jpg imgp8097_small.jpg imgp8098_small.jpg imgp8099_small.jpg
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