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From left to right:  Second floor center hall looking to the front of the house, before and after.  Master bedroom with wood partition which was removed during restoration.  The far right photograph is the master bedroom restored showing the log walls, wood floor, and excellent hand crafted mantel.

The second bedroom, now the study, before and after.  The area to the right in both of the two left photographs is the space (now closet) under the stairs leading to the attic.  The two right photographs are the attic stairs - before and after - leading from the study to the attic.

The restoration and the addition were done in such a way as to ensure that the original character of the house was not harmed yet to bring the house into the 21st Century.  All utilities coming to the house are under ground, thus there are no ugly wires showing.  The house is fully electrified and there is cable and telephone jacks in virtually every room.  There is a dual heating and air conditioning system using forced air.  By having a dual system, no duct work intruded in either the original house or the addition.  Thus, there is a furnace in the basement addition for the first floor heat and a furnace in the attic for the second floor heat.  The condensers work through the same system.  There never was running water in the house although it was lived in until we acquired the property.  There now are two full bathrooms.  The house has several layers of insulation and all windows are new thermopane with the highest ratings.  The house is very energy efficient.

Three photographs of the same wall.  This is the former east exterior wall where the addition is constructed.  The first photograph shows the logs with the old siding and chinking removed and ready for new chinking.  The second shows the chinking almost completed under the direction of Ken (forward) and Dave.  The right photograph is the wall as it looks today taken from the opposite direction as the other photographs.  This is the den, second floor, in the addition which is next to the two new bedrooms, washer and drier room, and full bath.

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