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This page has miscellaneous photographs, including some of the areas in the addition built on to the log house.

Here are the prime mover and shakers in getting this project done:  Dick Dodge, an owner, Michael Taylor, General Contract, Ken Mosher, on-site project manager and Larry Barkdoll, assistant to Taylor (who left the project mid way after I drove him crazy).  The next photo, which also has Ken Mosher in it, includes the talented, permanent crafts people of Michael Taylor's company.  The superior results are owed to the work and dedication of these people and, of course, a few others not pictured.

The first floor of the addition includes a large open room with a view over the land and mountain.  The very modern kitchen opens onto the large room.  And, to the right, is the vanity in the second floor bathroom.

The outhouse is situated in beautiful surroundings and the three story smoke house, also on the National Register, is located part way down a hill in the front of the log house.  Both need restoration.

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